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Fabio Masini



wall sculptures


set design

" I'll be honoured to visit yours spaces to realize an exclusive private site specific art work.

I really love to create meeting people.

Please, fell free to contact me by e-mail

and share an amazing creative experience."


Fabio Masini 

Born in Italy - Florence 1969 
Since 2011 Fabio Masini lives and works between France, Germany and Switzerland, in the Basel area. 
He is an artist and works since 1994 creating pictures, sculptures and installations which have been showed in many expositions in Italy and in other Countries.
Keen on art, Fabio Masini likes best geometrical abstraction having an ardent interest in the origin of this style ( Kandinsky, Malevic, Mondrian, etc. ), for the Bauhaus's developments and every successives openings ( Minimal Art, etc. ) until today. Moving on the thin line between art & design he creates his works in harmony with their surroundings, finding a special feeling with modern architectural spaces.
"At the base of the aesthetical research of Fabio Masini there is an intense analysis of the material in its original spatial efficiency; he tries, through the employment of simple and elementary geometrical forms, to catch the dynamic foundations of the archetypes of the existence: the relationship reality & I". Nicola Spano - critic - from catalogue "Opere d'Arte dalla Collezione Regionale" by Consiglio Regionale della Toscana (2005).
OPPOSITES'S HARMONY: "The core of my artistic research is centred on the relationships between the Body and the Soul and their natural condition of opposites and therefore potential harmonies generators (see Eraclito). So my materials are Lead and Glass, witnesses of these two human essential components and, like them, bearers of opposite characteristics and conditions. The first, plastic, smooth, opaque, heavy and strong born in my forms like a phisical element; a body that is a presence but also a "container" subject. The second, bright, transparent, brittle but cutting, visually light and rich of reflections, presents itself as a "contents" entity, witness of our interior human light, generated by our Spirit.   ...In the last years I'm developing this language introducing many other metals like aluminum, steel, copper, tin and materials like PVC, plexiglass and mirror." - Fabio Masini.
His series of works like pictures, sculptures, installations and stage design will bring you through a contemporary abstract-geometrical language wich has his roots into the modern art and interesting connections with the world of design.
Thank you very much for your interest and... ...a little tip: add value and a special charming touch to your home, your office, your enterprise or simply give something exclusive to someone special...may be Yourself!
Is there anything more than Art ?
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